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What Does Working with an NDIS Provider Look Like?

As part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), participants are allocated funding to be used for disability supports.

NDIS providers are a person, business or organization who deliver NDIS funded support to participants.

Providers have different areas of experience and expertise.

Providers come in different shapes and sizes; from sole traders to multi-level organizations. Here at Help at Hand Support (HAHS), we pride ourselves on outstanding communication and customer service by staying connected to our participants and support workers, to ensure all participants are afforded the opportunity of tailored care.

It’s important to find the right provider to meet your needs. So, what does working with an NDIS provider like HAHS look like? Here’s a handy guide that can help you understand the process.

1. Care Meeting

This is the first step in registering with an NDIS provider. Once you’ve done some research online, or received some recommendations for providers, you can then begin to contact them and set up care meetings. This is where the staff will discuss your NDIS funding and your plan management. This meeting will also be used as a “get to know you” by both parties, thereby creating a relationship between the participant and provider.

Providers will also take time to learn about participants and their individual support needs, as well as their preferences for support workers. Providers should understand the complexities of each participant’s needs and discuss a plan explaining how they will provide support to suit each client.

It’s a good idea to bring in a friend or family member to assist you with the meeting and help advocate on your behalf and explain your needs if you find trouble doing so.

2. Service Agreement

An NDIS provider builds a service agreement that matches your individual support needs. With all the information collected from the care meeting, a provider can begin choosing which care services best suit your needs and find support workers that match your preferences.

Once an agreement is reached between the participant and the NDIS provider, the provider will go ahead and begin the care process. You or a nominated person chooses to accept and sign this service agreement.

3. Service Provided

This part is simple. The NDIS providers use the information you give them to tailor support to your needs. Once you’ve signed your service agreement, you are now ready to receive support.

NDIS providers continue to work tirelessly in the background to ensure that your plan is being executed as planned. Anytime you encounter a problem, you can contact your service provider, and they’ll take care of the rest. If a support worker is not performing as expected, your provider can find another worker to replace them.

4. Payment

The NDIS provider will request payment on a regular basis from you, yourself, if you are self- managed; chosen manager if plan managed; or the NDIA if you are agency managed.

When your NDIS funding comes through to your account, it can be used to pay your provider. However, the provider must wait until a service had been provided to the participant before they can invoice them.

Every NDIS provider has their own way of invoicing and taking payment, but in general, the process is fairly similar across all providers.

5. On-Going Relationship

Once you become a client of an NDIS provider like HAHS, you’ll be taken care of to the best of the abilities of the provider. You’ll have staff constantly on hand to speak to you if you need support, as well as fix any issues that may arise.

An NDIS provider will review your needs annually or when required. They then go through steps 2 and 4 again to readjust the plan.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand a little bit more about the NDIS and NDIS providers. Should you choose to go through with a care meeting, contact the friendly staff at HAHS to set up a time and begin your journey with us today!

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