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Help at Hand Support

Providing disability services to empower and enrich your life.

We are a disability support services provider that is focused on providing you with tailored services for your daily living needs. Our approach is to listen to you to understand your personal circumstances and needs. We then develop a care plan and offer tailored services that will meet your personal needs. We will also follow up with you regularly to ensure that you are happy with our services.

  • Professional and prompt service

  • Tailored solutions for you

  • Person centered approach

  • Supportive and caring staff

Help At Hand Support Services Purpose

To empower NDIS participants to live their best lives.

To become a leader in disability support services in Australia and to help as many people as possible to live independent, enriched and happy lives. We will achieve this by treating all participants with the utmost respect and care always acting with integrity.

We will provide personalized care to ensure that each participant’s individual needs are met. We will respect and care for all participants to the highest standard at all times.

HEART – Our Values


Looking after our participants with an honest heart


Acting with integrity in what we do and how we operate


Holding our staff and leadership team accountable for what we do.


Delivery on what we promise and doing so in a timely manner


Our actions must build trust in how we operate and what we do



Hi Help at Hand Support, Just want to say thank you for the great lawns. A wonderful job and you’re always so friendly and reliable. Nothing too much trouble and punctual too. You’re my go to Support Team for any assistance I need around the home. Thanks again.

Carmen and Dean

Great Cleaning

Support coordinator for the participant passed on the feedback that the client was very happy with the job we did and she would like to us to continue. She appreciated that the cleaning team took the time to listen and understand and to deliver great results.


Cleaning support NDIS

Dear Brenda,

I would like to express how happy we are with the service you provide us. I care for my son and have myself also been and am unwell. The service I receive has been from amazing people who care, are thorough, on time always and compassionate. I thank you again.



Wonderful, collaborative and active support

Thank you very much.

I really appreciate all of the wonderful, collaborative, and active support for my participant.
Please give my thanks and appreciation onto the care team and staff

Warm regards,

Rachael SC

I wish I had found you sooner

I wanted to let you know that I love both my support workers that you have provided. I am going to phone my support coordinator to let her know that this is the best experience that I have had with any support company.

I just wish I had found you sooner. "If I had to rate you out of 100, you would be 1000!

Mick, NDIS participant

Fantastic support service by HAHS

Hi HAHS Team

Hope you are well,

" Participant Carer" told me she is super happy with the support worker you sent to support the Participant.

Thank you for your help and if you could pass on the message to the support staff so that they know we really appreciate the great service service.


*(names and identities removed for privacy)

Di Support Coordinator

Speaking from a place of Care and Empathy towards my client


I wanted to reach out and say a thank you to the team for reaching out to tell me about your company's services, coincidentally I became a support coordinator for a mutual client the day before.

The message was passed on your care team, who I had the pleasure of chatting with earlier today. I also wanted to say a big thank you to her for sharing care, paying attention to detail and speaking to me from a place of care and empathy towards my client.

It's important to have coordinators who put client's needs front and centre. She was very responsive and wanting to reach out to me, which is something I don't see much of from other providers.

Mark (Support Coordinator)

Absolutely fantastic

How are you finding out service?

Absolutely fantastic you respect and accommodate my disability, my communication needs and your team always email or sms me to let me know things well in advance and have always accommodated me when i have dot change things.

My support staff are amazing and they go over and beyond he is very thoughtful. They are in tune and go over and above.

I am really happy and incredibly happy with everything. I feel so supported and feel so respected. It actually enables me to unpack my previous trauma and it as restored my faith in the care and disability sector.

K (participant)

Prompt Service

Good morning Help at Hand,

Thanks for scheduling the services for my participant so quickly!

Li - Support Coordinator

We love our cleaner!

We wanted to say that we have found Help at Hand Support Services to be prompt and very good. We love our cleaner and we are glad that she helps us with keeping the house tidy.


High care team

Sean, you will already know, but I wanted to express my sincerest thanks to you and the staff for an incredible effort caring for him the way that they did, if you would kindly pass this onto your staff. Thanks.

(Participants SC)

Yard Maintenance

I engaged Help at Hand Support Services to do some yard maintenance and I am very satisfied with their level of work. They were friendly, co-operative and prompt and completed the job efficiently and without any fuss. I would strongly recommend Help at Hand Support Services for anyone who requires reliable yard work. We also use their cleaning team on a fortnightly basis.


Great job helping me tidy my garage !

Help at Hand Support has done a great job for me, assisting me with tidying up my garage so my car can go in there out of the weather and rain. They have done painting and gardening just to make things easier for me. They have also been prompt.


Getting rid of the weeds

Hi Help at Hand Support, I wanted to say thank for all the hard work you and your team have done for us. We are very happy. Their team helped clean up our front and back yard. They did the best job ever. Not only that they are really nice people. They couldn't take away the rubbish but don't let that stop you from hiring them. They are amazing at what they do. Real Professional. I give them a 10 out of 10. Thank you so much guys for really taking a load off our minds.


Help at Hand Support Staff are professionals

Hi HAHS Team,

That’s great, Participant is really happy with Help at Hand’s workers and professionalism, so thank you.

Kind regards,

*(names have been removed for privacy)

Jade Recovery Coach

Never experienced this level of support before

Good Afternoon Help At Hand Support Team,

I have been given really positive feedback from our participant. She stated that she is just so happy with the cleaning and the standard of cleaning is really high. She stated that she is really happy with her support worker and she has never experienced this level of support with any other company she has been with.

She thanked me over and over again, and kept saying how happy she was.

I thought I would pass this on as it was such positive feedback.

Support coordinator of Participant

Great Support Staff

Hi Help at Hand Support,

I just wanted to say how amazing your support staff are. They are like our extended family. We are very blessed to have you supporting us. I wanted to say that you are doing a fantastic job and I would vouch for you and your team any time.

Jenny and Family

Huge difference to Her life!

Hi HAHS Team,

You really made a huge difference to her life; she was so appreciative of your support as am I.
It is so sad about her passing; she was a beautiful lady and I wish she could have had the birthday she wanted and her holiday.

Please take comfort knowing that you made Her life better, and you are a fantastic support team. I wish you all the best.

Kind regards,

Jade SC

Can’t speak highly of my gardener

We received feedback that the gardener who looks after our participant is doing very well. The participant told us how did you find someone like this! He is doing a fantastic job.

Doug, the participant.

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