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We will try to keep things simple – seven simple steps infact!

Step -1 – Getting the basics right

 The journey to becoming an NDIS Participant can be long, hard and challenging. We have been made aware that there can be a few bumps along the way and its not always easy when you or someone you care for is being made to go through what feels like many many hoops. It is important to understand the this process is something that is short term and fingers crossed once you or someone you care for will be able to receive assistance via NDIS.

We begin by ensuring you understand what to expect:

  • Have a look if you are firstly eligible on the NDIS page and apply following the instructions
  • You need to understand the basics of the NDIS, what they can fund and what they cant. Have a look at the NDIS website it is complex but it does have valuable information.
  • Start your own planning, work out when you want things to start and get moving.
  • Give yourself a timeline It its important to think about what is that you want from this whole journey. Start with this checklist.
  • Ask for help – Help at Hand Support services is here to help contact us.

Step 2 – Attending your NDIS planning meeting

 Your NDIS planning meeting with your Local Area support coordinator (LAC) is a great time for you to firstly make them aware of what you need and what is coming up in the next year. It is important to understand that preparation is key hence why Step 1 is where a lot of your critical thinking is done. You should be aware that what you discuss in this meeting will be what eventually goes into the NDIS planner to be considered and included in your plan. It its important to make sure your needs are heard and reinforced on what is important to you. Do not just accept what the LAC says.

  •  Have a read of this great blog to help you understand what happens during the meeting.
  • Bring your check list from step 1 and any support documents to the meeting so you are prepared
  • Ask a friend or support to join you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed
  • Take notes so you can double check later
  • Express your needs and goals clearly to the LAC, to ensure that they understand what you want in the plan. Do not assume they know what is best for you. If you would like Plan management or support coordination. Speak to us and we will be able to recommend some providers for you.
  • Ask questions and be curious. It its important that you clearly understand what is happening and that you take the time to find out the answers.

Step 3 – Getting familiar with your NDIS plan

 Once you have received the magical NDIS draft Plan it is your responsible to read through it and make sure it is right.

  • Check the details and make sure they are correct. Ensure that you are happy with the funding and how it has been allocated.
  • Check with your Local area coordinator (LAC) and ask for a review if there is an issue.
  • Should you select us as your provider, let us  know what you  have received in your plan so we can tailor your supports.

Step 4 – Organise the Money – NDIS money that is

 Over the course of your NDIS journey (from the start to the end of the plan dates) you need to ensure that your providers are paid promptly and keep track of the process of your funding. If you have selected to have plan management included then now is the time to get your plan manager on board and help you with the MONEY!

  •  Select and contact a plan manager.
  • Set up a service agreement with your plan manager.
  • If you decide to self-manage or NDIA manage you will need to seek assistance from NDIA/LAC.
    • We will assist you in the setting up of the services we provide on the NDIS portal.


Step 5 – Organising your supports

 Finding the right provider is another important part of the NDIS. Thing about who you want on your team carefully and make sure that the provider is the right fit for you.

  •  Have you got funding for a support coordinator? If you do then great you should pick a good support coordinator to assist you. If you don’t have one we can recommend a few selected providers based on your preference.
  • Select your service providers based on your needs.
  • Set up service agreements with your providers to ensure you have them locked in and ensure you are happy with what is proposed and agreed

Step 6 – Track your plan progress

 You are now probably thinking we must be done by now! Well almost, it its important to always check your progress against your plan to make sure you are tracking well. It is important to keep a track of your budget.

  • Ensure that you enjoy your supports and start enjoying the joy and improvements that they bring to your life.
  • Also keep a record of all the supports your received and when
  • Make sure if you do have a plan manager to use their dashboard or tracking apps to know where you are at with your funds.
  • If you have questions and are searching for a plan manager again we can recommended a few options from our preferred panel.

Step 7 – Annual review

 Each year you have the opportunity to meet with your local area coordinator (LAC) to review, give feedback and make changes that you want. Lets talk about how we can make the most out of this time.

  • Prepare in advance similar to step 1 – be ready and be prepared
  • Be clear about your needs and goals. Again take someone with you if you are able to able to make it known yourself

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