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How to download a copy of your NDIS Plan?

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Your plan is important

As your plan manager it is important we have a copy of your NDIS plan at the start and each time there is a new plan

This helps us to ensure that we have the right budgets for each category and to ensure that your provider invoices are paid on time. Fortunately, it easy to download your NDIS plan via the NDIS My Plan Participant Portal. We have made a guide below on how to download it.

Six easy steps to download your NDIS Plan

Step 1: Log in the MYGOV site and select the NDIS from ‘Your Services” tiles.

Step 2 : If you are a nominee, you will need to select the NDIS participant name from the drop down menu called ‘Acting as’. This is at the top right hand side of the page.

Step 3 : If you are a participant just click on ” my plan”, if you are the nominee the button will say ” participant’s name plan”.

Step 4 : Once you click on that button it will take you to another page. Click on View my plan or View Participants name plan for nominate.

Step 5 : The view my plan page appears. This is where you need to check your viewing the right plan. If you or the participant has more than one NDIS plan please use the drop down menu to choose the right plan.

Step 6 : Once your plan is loaded please click the button on the top right labelled as Print this plan to PDF” and your plan should download automatically in a new window. You can now choose to download, save or print your plan. We suggest downloading it and email it to us.

If you haven’t already please use our sign up page and upload or your plan. Or can you email it directly to us.

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