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Let’s grow something, its summer time!

This blog is written for participants who want to grow vegetables and fruits in their garden. This blog was developed with the assistance of Bunnings and Gardening Australia.

Growing Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are a great vegetable/fruit that you can start to learn to grow with. You can plant it either in a large tub or you can plant it in the ground. They are very forgiving and grow very quickly. They do need to be watered regularly and helped with stakes to grow very tall. They are very generous with their fruiting depending on the variety. Some examples are Apollo, Beef Steak, Roma, Cherry and many more.

When to Plant and Harvest them:

  • Victoria / NSW Plant from August. Harvest until end of March.
  • South Australia Plant from August. Harvest until end of March.
  • Tasmania Plant from first week of September. Harvest until end of March.

Types of Tomatoes Plants

There are a wide variety of different types of tomatoes. The best bet is to go to your local garden shop that you may frequent and speak to the experts about which ones would suit your garden. Please note that it’s important to understand that some varieties are large and some are small but very tasty.

How to plant Tomatoes:

Top Tips

  • Make sure to plant some Basil next to your tomatoes this will help with keep insects out.
  • Rotate your tomato crops each season. Do not grow them in the same place. Try to grow Legumes in the office season to replenish the nutrients in the soil.

If you would like assistance from our team to support you with gardening, we are more than happy to help. Through the NDIS we can assist you with shopping; to get the tomatoes and soil. We can then assist you with planting them and to help you keep them watered. The best part is we can help you eating it as well! No! We are only joking. We look forward to helping you grow your own tomatoes or any other fruits/vegetables you would like to grow.

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