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Going that bit extra

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Hear from our staff about why us

Rhylie from our care team shares why he believes Help at Hand Support Services goes the extra mile

Meet Rhylie:

I am currently employed at Help at Hand Support Services (HAHS) and have been with the organisation for a while now. I am an NDIS participant and have navigated the NDIS portal myself for over two years.

It can still be confusing at times especially when the government regulators are constantly changing the rules and there are certain parameters that need to be met.

Help at Hand Support Services (HAHS) is here to make life easier and offer supports that are relevant to the participant using a tailored approach.

I wish I had known about Help at hand Support at the time as they would have been incredibly useful for my own journey.

Our team makes finding support easy and quick and will ensure the worker sent is someone that is right for your needs. I know from personal experience that this can be an issue for some participants and are hesitant to ask for help with the fear that they will be sent an on-call worker and unable to build a relationship with. Under these circumstances this doesn’t benefit the worker or the participant.

Tell me more

What to expect?

HAHS will contact you and/or your Support Coordinator to find out more about the supports you are looking for. These usually include hours times and the type of support required.

The type of support could include Personal Care or Community Access.

Personal Care – Showing, bathing, feeding and other activities of daily living.

Community Access – Help being taken to appointments, help shopping

After this we contact your next of Kin to get a better idea how your disability or health condition affects you as everyone is different).

I believe quite strongly that this is how we offer such high quality care as it is specialized and consistent

How can you apply for services?

Majority of clients come through via referrals which your support coordinator can fill out on our website. Usually we will send our referral form to your Support Coordinator for you and them to fill out.

This is the quickest method to gain supports with us.

Is there are waiting time?

Yes. But it is minimal, the waiting time will usually be less than a week for supports to start, it takes a week for us as an organisation to ensure the information we have is accurate and are able to find a support worker suitable to your needs. Good help can take time but we feel it is worth it and our participants agree.


What do we stand for?

You. Whether you are a support worker or a participant we aim to connect the right people with each other and aim to help within our ability to do so as an organisation.

Final say

We will find you the right supports that you require as this is our focus .

Can I have more information about this?

Yes, you are more than welcome to contact us via our website or give us a call on 03 8699 8211.
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Have questions or feedback?

If you would like to speak with someone from the Help at Hand Support team about your individual situation call us on 1300 822 190 or leave your details here and we will contact you.

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  • Professional and prompt service

  • Tailored solutions for you

  • Person centred approach

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