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Can I get NDIS funding for Cleaning, Gardening and Home Maintenance?

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We are a disability support services provider that is focused on providing you with tailored services for your daily living needs. Our approach is to listen to you to understand your personal circumstances and needs. We then develop a care plan and offer tailored services that will meet your personal needs. We will also follow up with you regularly to ensure that you are happy with our services.

Tell me more you say?

Living with a disability can bring challenges to daily living. As part of the NDIS, you may be able to get funding for assistance with the following services:

  • Residential Cleaning:

You may not be able to able to clean your home on a regular basis or may require some assistance with some cleaning tasks. As such you may be eligible for funding to have a professional cleaner come to your home and assist you with cleaning.

Our participants love the fact that we come on a weekly or fortnightly basis to their homes to assist them with cleaning their kitchen, bathroom, living areas and bedrooms. You can also receive assistance with cleaning up garages, rubbish removal and other household cleaning tasks.

A support provider will be able to sit down with you and build a regular cleaning plan – which in turn will give you time to do other important things such as going for walks, doing activities such as hydrotherapy, or going to the shops.

Client Story: We recently had a participant whose garage was covered in cobwebs, dust and old furniture that was left everywhere. She told us that she would love to be able to not only clean up her garage so that she could have safe wheelchair access, but that she would love to be able to have her car parked safely inside. Her car had been sitting in the elements for over 12 months. We spent a bit of time cleaning up the garage and we were able to then move her car easily into the garage. She was very pleased and excited to be able to move her wheelchair safely through the garage and see that her car was parked safely away from the elements and from potential theft. She felt empowered!

  • Gardening and/or Maintenance:

You may not be able to or find it difficult to regularly mow your lawns or keep up with the home maintenance requirements. Did you know that you may be eligible for funding to assist you?

You can get assistance with mowing and maintaining your property on a fortnightly or monthly basis. This includes services like mowing your lawns, cutting hedges, edging, tidying up weeds and planting shrubs and seeds.

If you yourself are a keen gardener you may enjoy getting your hands dirty and helping us to plant the seedlings. In fact, that is the part that we enjoy the most when participants get involved in the activities and we can help you build your independence.

Client Story: One of our participants had told us that her backyard was overgrown and she was not able to get wheelchair access. This was an emergency situation as she needed access to her backyard not only to be able to get some sunshine and all important vitamin D but to hang out clothes and access her garage. We spent time leveling her garden because it was quite uneven and we dug up about 2 inches of soil that had grown over her paved area which had been like this for possibly 5 years. The client was very pleased that she was able to move around safely and could now see the paved area that was previously covered with grass.

How can I access these services?

Simple, give your support coordinator or LAC a call and they can look into whether you already have this funding or whether you may be eligible for it.

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