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Disability Support Worker Role

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The journey to becoming a support worker is one filled with true rewards both helping you to build a career and helping you to feel that you are making a difference in the lives of others.

More about the Disability support worker role:

It is great that you are interested in becoming a disability support worker. It is important to understand that as a disability support worker our staff come from many varied backgrounds and have all types of work experience or lived in experience.

As a support worker you are an important part of the life of a participant. You could be helping them with variety of needs and your focus is to help them achieve their goals as set out in their NDIS plan. This does not mean that the goals need to achieved all in one day. Everyone is different and it is important to understand their individual care plans to help determine how best to assist.

Your role is to help participants build independence and confidence. You are there to support them and it it is important to remember that. We should assist them to achieve things and celebrate in their successes.

Studies: If you have not already you should consider starting studies in either a Cert 3 in Individual support or Cert 4 in Disability. We have a providers who provide the courses and it is important for you to speak to at least 3 providers to find one that meets your study needs.

What could I be doing as a disability support worker?

As a support worker your day may be very varied. You could be helping participants with”

  • Grooming – helping to do their hair or brushing their teeth
  • Showering – helping them to enter and exit the shower or helping them shower
  • Meal preparation – helping them to prepare meals and/or having them assist with meal preparation
  • Community access – helping to access the community to do things like banking, shopping and doctor visits.
  • Social support – having a cup of tea and a biscuit with them and talking about their day and planning activities together. Having genuine conversations.

It is important to remember that:

No two days maybe the same and that each day you should treat as a new day and ensure that you understand what is important for the participant for that day. participant for that day.

Benefits of a career in support worker?

Flexible working hours

As a disability support worker it is great to know that we are able to provide you with work that works with you. We will work to help to give you shifts that suit your availability. We understand that managing your life activities can be hard to juggle so as part of our recruitment process we ask you about your availability. It is important to update us if your availability does change.

Regular clients

As a disability support worker it is great to know that we aim to provide you with regular clients so that you can build strong connections and help participants through their journey rather than only being with them at random times. We understand that helping participants achieve their goals is important to you and see the impact that you make on their lives and helping them do this.

Rewarding Career

As a disability support worker it great to know that the career that you are in or moving into is very rewarding. Our staff tell us the amazing stories of what a difference the support HAHS provides via our staff and how it has changed our participants lives. HAHS is about providing genuine supports to ensure that our participants and staff find true enjoyment in what they do on a daily basis. We also have the ability for our staff to grow with our business and move into senior roles.

Variety of Clients

We understand that as a support worker you may want variety in the types of clients that you support. The good thing at Help at Hand Support is that we work with a range of clients. We have clients who have Autism, down syndrome, mental health, MND, MS, Dementia and a range of disabilities. It is important to note that physical and mental health disabilities are different and require different skill sets. We are able to provide you with a range of experiences to help build your experience.

What requirements do I need as a disability support worker?

As a disability support worker there are a number of requirements depending on what state you are in. To learn more about the roles and what is required please head to our careers page.

Can I have more information about this?

Yes off course if you would like to apply to work as a disability support worker please visit our careers page. Or call us on 03 7036 9774 to speak to our recruitment team. We will help you understand the requirements to become a support worker and take you through our recruitment process.
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