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Reference form

This form is to assist referee’s for our potential staff to be able to easily and quickly complete reference checks. It should take between 10 and 15 minutes. Please note we truly appreciate your time to assist us. If you would prefer us to call you please give us a call on 03 8699 8211 to organise a time.

Your details have been provided to me by the job applicant and I would first like to check if you are prepared to provide a reference?
Please note that this reference will be used in the overall evaluation of the applicant and will affect whether they are selected for the job. The information you provide may be given to the candidate if requested, Do I have your permission to proceed?
Are you their manager? Co-woker? Family?
Would you re-employ the applicant? Why/why not?

Thank you for taking the tame to provide feedback.

If you wish to provide any further information, you contact us on 03 8699 8211