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Support coordination in a Nutshell

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What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination helps you ( NDIS Participant) to help get the most out of your NDIS plan and help reach your goals.

Support coordination is known as “Capacity building” support because it is designed to help you build the skills and confidence to help you continue your plan independently into the future.

Now this can be in many forms maybe you are happy to continue to receive support coordination as you build your confidence over time.

How much do I have to pay?

The great thing to know about support Coordination is that it is separately funded from your core budget so you dont have to worry about paying for it and reducing your supports.

Payment for Support Coordinator like Help at Hand Support Services is in your plan. It is found under the category of “Coordination of Supports”.

The good thing is that these funds are only for support coordination and are not available for other supports. These are in addition to your other funding.

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How many levels of support coordination are there?

The NDIS defines that there are three levels of support coordination that can be included in your plan:

  1. Support Connection – this is support that helps build your ability to connect with informal, community and funded supports enabling you to get the most out of your plan and pursue your goals.
  2. Support Coordination – coordination of supports. This support assists to help you build skills you need to understand, implement and to use your plan. A support coordination will work together with you to ensure a range of supports are used to increase your capacity to help building and keep relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live independent and be part of your community.
  3. Specialist Support coordination – this is the highest level of support coordination. It is for people whose situation is more complex and needs specialist support. A specialist support coordinator will assist you to mange challenges in your support environment and ensure consistent delivery of service.
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