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Top tips for providers of support services

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Paying invoices and making things smoother

Important things to consider

  1. You must include business details that are required by the NDIS:
    • ABN
    • Contact number
    • Email
  2. Use NDIS codes from the price guide. This makes it faster for us to allocate the correct category.
  3. Please ensure that the invoice includes the quantity (i.e. hours worked) and the hourly rate. Should the rate you agree with the participant please separate the additional costs and send another invoice directly to the participant. We are only able to pay up to the NDIS price cap amount.
  4. Your invoice must be in digital form. Consider using Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB.
  5. Ensure invoices have clear details of the participant:
    • Participant name
    • NDIS number
    • Address
  6. You must include your contact details such as email, number, full name and address.
  7. Should you wish to quarantine funds we need a copy of the service agreement with an allocated amount for each category. This must be signed and agreed by the participant.
  8. You must attach your invoice to the email. We will not click on links for security.
  9. You must include individual service dates were possible.
  10. Please use unique invoice numbers. This makes it easier for us to track invoices and notify when invoices are paid by our team.

How do I get paid?

You can send invoices directly to us via email.

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