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What happens when switching Plan Managers?

When applying for NDIS support services, you are faced with a decision between self-management and plan management. Being self-managed gives you autonomy and independence, but also all the responsibility associated. Having your plan managed by professionals within the NDIS space makes it easy for you to receive the support you need and have the peace of mind that all your providers are paid on time and in full, keeping your support consistent and uninterrupted. But what happens if you decide to switch plan managers? Here’s some information to help make the transition as simple as possible.

Managing Outstanding Invoices

When you make the decision to change your plan manager as a NDIS participant, it’s essential to understand that the new plan manager assumes responsibility for the ongoing management of your plan. This encompasses processing payments on your behalf, regardless of when the services were rendered or the invoice date. The objective is to ensure that any late invoices issued by a provider from earlier in the plan period can be paid.

This is very important in keeping your plan up to date and uninterrupted so that you don’t miss out on any upcoming support or services. Keeping invoices paid on time is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship between a participant and support worker, as well as ensuring a continuous supply of support services. There’s nothing more frustrating than missing an appointment because of a clerical error. Plan managers understand that and strive to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Why Does the New Plan Manager Handle Late Invoices?

The continuity of plan management is a fundamental principle in the NDIS. By assigning responsibility to the new plan manager, it guarantees that no outstanding invoices are left unaddressed, even if they pertain to services rendered earlier in your plan. This is a key element in ensuring that you receive the support you require and that service providers are duly compensated for the services they have provided.

In practical terms, it means that your new plan manager will work diligently to process and pay these invoices, promoting a smooth transition without the burden of unpaid bills. The new plan manager’s expertise in managing NDIS budgets and financial matters ensures that your financial obligations are met, offering peace of mind during this changeover process.

The process helps participants maintain their financial commitments while receiving the support they need. Ultimately, it’s about aligning your financial responsibilities with the management of your NDIS plan, ensuring that your journey towards achieving your goals remains uninterrupted.

It is important to choose the right plan manager when switching. It’s always a good idea to research thoroughly and take your time before changing. It’s also important to speak to prospective plan managers and ask all questions that are important to you, to not only ensure a smooth transition, but also to make sure you’ve chosen the right people for the job.


In summary, the transition to a new plan manager involves a seamless transfer of responsibilities. As you change plan managers, the new manager becomes responsible for managing your plan, which includes processing payments for services, irrespective of when those services were provided or when the invoices were issued. This ensures that no outstanding invoices are left unpaid and that your NDIS plan continues to support your goals effectively. If you have any further inquiries or require assistance in navigating this transition, feel free to reach out to us at Help at Hand Support.

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