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Applying for a companion card

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Did you know a companion card exists?

The great thing about a companion card is that it helps your career or your support team to come along to many things without you having to pay for them.

Tell me more!

The companion card program is voluntary and it helps you an NDIS participant to reduce or even make it free to have a companion join you. This includes potentially a Help at Hand Support worker who can attend with you things like movies or other community activities.

Who is eligible?

  • Be a permanent resident/citizen of Australia
  • Have a disability (permanent)
  • Require a high level of support for life
  • Demonstrate that you are not able to attend venues and activities without that support

The card is issued to the person with the disability. It will have your name and photo on it. Therefore the holder needs to buy the ticket for the selected venue and the companion gets admitted for free! How great is that!

Can I have more information about this?

Visit the NDIS website on this topic.

Apply for a companion card – Click on the link for your relevant state

Victoria | New South Wales | Queensland |Western Australia | ACT| Tasmania | Northern Territory

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