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Mental Health: It is Movember already

This blog was developed with the assistance of Movember, DHHS and Beyond Blue.

This article is written for NDIS participants and their carers who are struggling with mental health issues.

It is Movember this month and its time to think about Mental health. I was reading this article by George about the importance of sparking conversations. George unfortunately lost two of his childhood friends to suicide and struggled with depression. He has since joined the Movember drive to help raise funds and mental health awareness. Great work George! Read the article here.

Tips to Assist you

Speak to someone you can trust or a professional to assist you with your mental health. It is important to not let it build up and overwhelm you.

Personal story

When I was growing up and at high school, I had heard stories about this happening but it was never really mentioned. It was not until the last year of school when one of our friends at school lost her best friend to suicide that I saw the impact it had on her. It was very tough but being able to talk about it and share the burden helped her. Our friend spoke to health professionals and was able to be supported at the time. She said that being able to talk about it and share the pain of the event helped her cope with the pain and in her mind work through the events that happened so suddenly.

Several years later I heard that one of my classmates in our school had passed away due to suicide. We were never really close, and we had not spoken much post school but it makes me think could I have done something to reach out and speak to that person? Please take the time to reach out to someone you know. In a day and age of technology and social media a lot of times it is as simple as clicking a send button.

Victoria – Covid19

This is especially true at this time especially in Victoria where we have been told to stay in our houses and have not been able to visit family and friends. You may feel worried about loved ones and managing responsibilities like working from home or pretty much living and breathing in your home 24/7. Developing stress and anxiousness is completely normal, we have felt the frustration ourselves. It is important to have regular conversations with family and friends you trust or reach out to professionals if necessary. Sharing these feelings will help lighten the load. It is always important to seek professional help where necessary and we have provided contact details below for you to reach out too.

Please take the time to give someone you know a call to have a chat to check in and see how they are tracking.

Please know that there is assistance to support you.

If you or someone you known is in immediate danger, please call 000.

Resources for you:

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